Ruth Banks Medical Administrative Assistant resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is very open, and that trait allows her to create a bond with people that she encounters quickly. It is always a thing of joy to see people around her become successful. In fact, in most cases, people would testify that she is selfless.

She is still with the impression that anyone she encounters. As the relationship unfolds, she begins to experience the other side of them she never expected as regards rot their attitudes, action, and activities most times sends a different message that literarily affects her to great lengths. Then one day, she felt she had friends’ goals and had to evaluate the foundation and structure of her friendship. Soon she discovered not all the so-called aa “citations “are not meant to be in any case.

There is always a quarry of why the real definition of friendship in her generation. As a result of the distinction, she can, at most times, identify when most around for genuine intentions.

Expressing the word friendship in understanding terms could be very difficult.

Society today gives a different phase of how friendship is perceived; she is in a society that identifies friendship as “Friends with benefits.”

In other words, if you do not buy something for me, I will not buy for you, this is the type of generation that she finds herself. She found it interesting that not all the friends that she makes are meant to be in her life forever.

Ruth’s perspective of friendship is different yet simple. She has this belief that association should be value-based and not benefit based.

It is difficult for her to comprehend the true definition of intimacy in her society. 

The friendship she encounters is not what she is accustomed to; a lot of changes follow as she meets more.

The type of bond that portrays humanity.  She does not believe individualism; instead, she endorses and encourages unity to the best of its capacity. Ruth pulls types of crowd who share the same strict value system placing value life over material items.

She believes at some point; people should come to a compromise as it relates to some issues.

She always implements wisdom in all the relationships she comes across.

She stays continuously consistent in the pursuit of the happiness of her other friends and others around her. She does not feel the true definition of friendship exists in her generation.

Most times, she gives people simple benefits of doubt. While her kind-heartedness keeps dropping, it is not an obstacle for her not to meet the appropriate crowd; in all of this, she is still able to pull the right crowd.

The crowds she pulls emulates her values in different aspect, most times the people she pulls share the same thought process as she does, fights for each other for the right reasons.

True friends in her philosophy challenges you to become successful in reaching goals, also they assist each other without second thoughts most of all gives each other their due respect and becomes extremely mindful of their verbatim.

Envy is the word it exists in most of the relationships in her era, she always experiences that with certain of the connections she has obtained.

 However, some of the friends she acquires her traits. The generation she finds herself does not have this value system she owns; in other words, their beliefs are relied on benefits, although all the parties involved are had their role to play. She believes in unity in most of her friendships, and individualism did not exist for quite some time. She re-plans her strategies and approaches. She moves ahead. She treats her friends according to their behaviors. She believes just as the old saying goes that “What would be would be” in other words, if a relationship is meant to be nothing no matter how much of the gravity exists during their relationship, the connections get stronger by seconds She sees a huge difference. She discovers that the changes she encounters are not overnight; instead, she deals with it over a period, she finds a lot of elements in friendship compromised.

 Friendship to her should be with a lot of positive experience. She    feels the parties involve should be able to learn the relationship. Friendship   should not be based on material thing. Ruth always wants the best and very best with any relationship she makes. Material components should be placed aside when it comes to friendship.


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