Hydrocephalus is very common In Nigeria. The disease has affected many lives directly and indirectly. Hydrocephalus Is defined as the excess amount of cerebral spinal fluid buildup in the brain. However, this disease is not a respecter of anyone, including the age, size, or color most in the African continent. The rate of a patient with Hydrocephalus is remarkably unbelievable, considering the statics of children included is alarming. 

          Different symptoms accompany this disease, including headaches, fever, gait problems, and sometimes the inability to move. Doctors have come up with channels that help detect the disease. Among the diagnostic tools, including x-ray Shunt externalization of the Shunt, was MRIs as well as CT Scans and the cerebral fluid test used in complex cases. As complex, as it gets the permanent cue, is not available; instead, doctors have come up with a treatment plan options classified as managed care plan that helps patients control their symptoms.

            Several treatment options for this disease are currently being implemented. The survival rate of patients Hydrocephalus has drastically increased. Most of the treatment options have been productive, and it has changed many lives. The first standard innovative treatment option is the placement of a Shunt. ETV is another avenue for hydro survivors to survive. It is semi-natural because a pathway is created in the brain for the excessive fluid to circulate. In perspective, I firmly am the best treatment option thus far among all the treatments.

          Nigeria is a country with incredible talents and goals. However, the resources are nowhere to be found when it comes to their reality dreams coming through in life. Nevertheless, there has always been a saying that says, “when there is Life, there is hope,” that is a simple fact. When a person with health issues has no sign of freedom, and that leads most give-up quicker. This issue has been a heavy burden in my heart because I was once a victim. I experienced similar, but for me, it was very fortunate to have been able to utilize the resources my doctors had provided me. Another aspect that keen awareness is needed is cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Nigeria. The leading cause is because of the lack of resources for the diagnostics and treatment-related and awareness.

              However, most of the friends I made in the past appointments I had died. At the same time, I attended doctors’ offices, Nigeria is among the wealthiest countries in the world. However, there are no signs of improvements the especially in the health sector, where lives are being lost for underrated reasons. Friends I made did not have the opportunity to enjoy their lives. However, because of the medical equipment shortage. Hydrocephalus is a condition that could be managed with outstanding equipment that is functioning correctly and in good shape. Many children have died from this easy to manage the disease.

              Healthcare in the U.S is well structured as opposed to the system in Nigeria. I firmly believe some of our leaders can testify. There are foundational structure in the healthcare system in the U.S I firmly believe that It would be of great essence if  Nigeria would piggyback of them. Generally, they undermining the massive amount of funds their value is still vastly rested on saving lives over monetary benefits. Most of the leaders leave Nigeria to receive treatment outside because they think the services offered are better provided. I am not saying the American healthcare system is perfectty5rdt; they also have their flaws, but If there were to be compared, there would be visual differences. I firmly believe that is the government could invest in the healthcare system, so many of our loved ones would survive, and we would all be happy.

               The country as a whole needs and be more in the know of diseases that affect its people most, especially the elderly and children. They are more vulnerable when it comes to health-related issues. The healthcare workers should also be treated with respect; they should not always have to fight for the equipment that would help save a life. Medical attention should be provided with more medical exams consistently to avoid health-related severe complications. It will always be a thing of joy for us to see our elderly ones witness the birth of their grand and great-grandchildren.

I was once in a situation, some around the nation do not opposes the same opportunity I was given, though it was a long journey. However, God’s Grace has always been speaking for me, and I want to use this medium toppled with all the medical facilities we have been opportune to have around the nation.  Medical doctors need to be more selfless than self-centered, just focusing on one’s money and not their also like to overlook funds. As it is illustrated God helps those who help themselves.


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