Best Friend into Best Enemy

Many of you have experienced a heartbreak by someone you trust. This trust is not based only on your partner but with everyone you love and care about.

You will experience heartbreak or betrayal from many people but it hurts the most when it comes from the ones closest to you. most times the people we trust wholeheartedly are the ones that let us down, and cause us to be broken and demented.

Betrayal can happen anytime in your life and this is why it’s called destiny, how do fight to get back on our feet after we’ve been betrayed? Destiny makes you realize various things like what is the truth and a lie but what type of betrayal am I referring to?

Let me know what’s the worst betrayal you have experienced so far and how did it happen. Not sure whether to tell me or not ? then let me share my story first.

I have been deceived by the person I thought that was mine and would never do such a thing to make me fall but unfortunately, my trust was shattered.

We met in school in 7th grade and let’s just say that I’m a very helpful person and it is not such a compliment for myself but I know me better. So she was a new kid and I was studying hard for math because I’m not good at it.

It was a free period as our English teacher was absent and that’s when she walked into the classroom. Usually, I don’t pay attention to people because I was way too shy to interact but somehow that day I glanced toward her direction.

She was fat but very cute with a fair and pale complexion. Her lips are perfectly shaped like models and pink like the rose petals. She doesn’t need to apply anything on it and still manage to look good always. She entered the class looking to every single person nervously which I can tell because of her fading smile into embarrassment.

She always had an inferior complexion and the fact that everyone called her fat made her sometimes hate herself for being like that. I noticed everything about her personality and when the teacher introduced her she finally took a step to take a seat. Surprisingly, I don’t know what happened to me because I’ve never done such a thing in my life.

You will think what that is, well I found myself greeting her the moment she walked towards me, I smiled at her awkwardly and said hello; also I told her to sit in front of me so that I can help her better with the syllabus she missed.

I was not good looking at that time and seeing such beauty in front of me and offering her help with the school stuff is what happened in a matter of minutes , I always believed that because of my looks I couldnt talk to or approach anyone, i wondered why I couldn’t be like the good looking guys.

These things have happened and cannot be undone, but what do you think will happen next? will she give me a positive reply? will she just simply ignore me ? or worse, will she humiliate me in front of everyone?

Let me know what you think and I’ll be back tomorrow for the next part because it’s too long and bad things happen from the best start. So see you in the next chapter of my betrayal

Joy's corner